Tobm Raider Underworld photo

Tomb Raider Underworld

Tomb Raider Underworld Relics Locations

1. Mediterranean Sea: Niflheim

Kraken Upper Level: Find the ledge that runs above the entrance and climb up to the platform above it. Smash the two urns, which contain treasure, then take a running jump to the right and crawl under the rubble. The relic is on the left side of the small room.

2. Coastal Thailand: Map Room

Go left along the edge of the map room, before exiting. Jump off to the right and wall run to the outer walkway below the exit. Pull the bridge counter clockwise as far as it will go, then jump up. The relic is behind the left shoulder of the Thor statue.

3. Croft Manor: Chapel

Before completing the Chapel Door puzzle, place two blocks on the pressure plate in the first passageway you went through. The relic is behind the metal grate in this passageway.

4. Southern Mexico: Jormungandr's Pool

After obtaining Thor's belt, use the grapple to return Thor's hammer to its original position and jump on top of it. The relic is in the statue's right eye.

5. Jan Mayen Island: Valhalla Tunnels

Maze Beyond the Gate of the Dead: Go right at the first two intersections, then left at the next two. Just past the fifth intersection is a stone block. Move it underneath the horizontal pole slot. Place the pole in the hole and climb up. Use your bike to race back to the intersection before the Gate of the Dead. Go straight and follow the path as it turns right. Hang a left at the next intersection and go through the door before it closes. The relic is in the middle of the room.

6. Arctic Sea: Helheim

This relic requires you to activate timed symbols throughout the area. Once these symbols are activated, the middle waterfall will shut off, and there will be a hidden ledge. You can swing to the ledge from a ring to get the relic.