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Aug '12

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft

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Nov '08

Quick update on Tomb Raider Underworld walkthrough

We launched this website just yesterday and we already got a great feedback from you, thank you very much and we're happy you like it as well. We finished the walkthrough for the first area - Mediterranean Sea, without the artifacts and relics for now, but we'll add those in time as well, if you want to contribute with anything, or find any bugs, please contact us.

We could use some help as well, so if you want to help fellow Tomb Raider fans with tips & tricks or even a walkthrough for a level we didn't add yet, we would love that very much.

We also added a +9 Trainer (thanks to KelSat) so we hope you like that one as well.

Thanks again for visiting this website and if you like it .. well, tell your friends about it too.

Nov '08

Tomb Raider Underworld released

Tomb Raider Underworld has been released today after a loooooooooong wait! So let's all enjoy it and of course, please use the walkthrough when you need help.

Tomb Raider Underworld poster