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Tomb Raider Underworld

Tomb Raider Underworld DEMO +4 Trainer

Tomb Raider Underworld DEMO +4 Trainer Screenshot
Infinite Ammo
Don't want to worry about the ammo? Then you'll love this option. This will also give you unlimited medkits.

Infinite Health
Enabling this option makes you invulnerable. The only way you can die, however, is falling from heights or throwing yourself in pits...

Infinite Grenade
Have fun with lots of grenades on your hands.

Infinite Breath
Sick of choking underwater? No problem. Enable this option...


Please note that this is for Tomb Raider Underworld Demo ONLY.
Trainer file size: 77KB.

Tip: Don't forget to stop the trainer music before you enter the game (click on the MUSIC: ON inside the trainer).